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How does the imob.venezia - Venezia Unica system operate?
Use our guide to find it out, by clicking here.

Where can I apply for or renew my imob.venezia card?
From 19 August 2013 imob cards are no longer issued since Actv joined the Venezia Unica city pass project; the city pass can also be enabled as Actv public transport card and for many other services. You can apply for Venezia Unica online (www.veneziaunica.it) or at all Hellovenezia ticket points authorized to issue Venezia Unica passes.
It is also possible to request renewal at some Hellovenezia resellers, for more information contact 041.24.24.

Is it also possible to renew the imob.venezia card online?
From 19 August 2013 the issue of imob cards has stopped. Valid imob cards can be used until their expiry, which is written on the card itself. The new Venezia Unica city pass can also be enabled as Actv public transport card; if you are in need of renewing your imob card, then you can request a Venezia Unica pass as a replacement, thus also being admitted to additional services. 
About Venezia Unica city pass.
Venezia Unica is the new city pass introduced by Città di Venezia to access local transport, cultural and tourist services from 20 August 2013.
The validity of Venezia Unica city pass is 5 years.  

How to obtain Venezia Unica city pass.
If you already have a personal imob card, when it expires it will be replaced with Venezia Unica city pass. If you wish to, you can request for your imob card to be enabled for Venezia Unica services.
If you do not have a personal imob card, you can apply for a Venezia Unica city pass.   

Where to obtain Venezia Unica city pass.
Venezia Unica city pass is available at licensed Hellovenezia agencies and ticket points, the full list can be consulted online at www.veneziaunica.it.

For all information on Venezia Unica city pass:


How many people does a waterbus carry?
On average 230.

And a motor boat?

And a motor vessel?
Different types of Actv boats are defined as motor vessels. Their capacity can vary from 600 to 1,200 passengers.


What are Actv General Transport Conditions?
The General Transport Conditions of Actv are described in the waterborne and land service timetable booklets, available for download at the following address General Transport Conditions

Is it possible to smoke on board Actv boats/buses?
On all Actv boats/buses and their appurtenances, waiting rooms, pontoons, ticket points etc., a no-smoking ban is in place.

Is it possible to carry bulky objects?
It is possible to carry objects the size of which does not exceed cm 150 as the sum of their three dimensions, but it is never possible to carry objects that are considered harmful or explosive.
Each passenger is allowed to freely carry up to two hand-luggage items the size of which does not exceed cm 120 as the sum of their three dimensions.

Are there any Actv boats/buses designed for people with disabilities?
Actv has been supporting for a long time the "Facile Bus" ("Easy Bus") project on Mestre and Lido buses.
There is a number urban lines run by buses equipped with bridge plate and wheelchair area.
All the rides of the Mestre  urban service, lines 2, 4, 5, 6/, 15 are accessible to wheelchairs.
As the concerns Lido island, all the buses are practicable for wheelchairs.
In the Waterborne sector, the types of boats used allow wheelchairs to access pretty much all corporate routes.
However, some problems may be caused by the inflow of passengers, which could inhibit access to wheelchairs.
The S.Nicolo', Metamauco and Lido di Venezia units, servicing route 17 of motorvehicles transport, are equipped with a lift for people with disabilities.


Are there group discounts?

Professional tourist operators and pertinent associations may buy tickets for groups etc. from ACTV Public Transport through a special purchase section found on the General Catalogue:

The following groups may buy ACTV tickets:

Senior Citizen groups (+65 years of age) and Organized tour groups (20 people minimum)

Student /Class groups ( 10 students minimum) from other EU countries.

CHILDREN/DISABLED PERSONS: for reduced prices/free entry, please check information given about each single product/service on the General Catalogue.

Is the Actv pass valid as CartaVenezia?
Yes, only for Venice Municipality residents. Non-residents shall request for their CartaVenezia to be enabled (see costs chart).

Where can tickets be purchased?
At City Centre and mainland Venezia Unica ticket points/agencies and at the network of authorized resellers
Can tickets be purchased on Actv boats/buses?
On all the boats of the waterborne sector, on condition that you ask the sailor at the time of getting on the boat.
On buses, in different manners and at different times depending on traffic routes, tickets are only sold in the evening, at night and on public holidays.

What happens if you travel without a ticket, or if you do not validate it?
A fine will be inflicted, in addition to the payment of the ordinary-fare ticket.

Until what age can you enjoy students discounts?
Until you turn 26 years old.
The only exception is the Rolling Venice card, valid until you are 29 years old.

Do children travel for free?
On the urban services of the Municipality of Venice children up to six years of age travel for free and  on the other services (out-of-town and Chioggia urban network) children up to four years of age travel for free.
One children pram or stroller per passenger can also be carried, as long as it is folded, except as otherwise provided for under art. 5, III paragraph, of the General Transport Conditions.

Is possible to ask for invoce?

Occasional users may request an invoice, only if in possession of “codice cliente ACTV” (ACTV client code number). If the client does not have one, he/she may request it from ACTV by filling out the appropriate form (Richiedi codice) - requesting a code number - included in the application form.


How do you move in Venice on Actv boats?
Mobility in Venice, a fish-shaped city surrounded and crossed by water, is characterized by two viability systems: waterways, canals and streams, and pedestrian walkways (calle, campo etc.).
The separation of the two networks is closely linked to the peculiar type of city made up of a set of neighbouring islands, connected by bridges.
In this unique setting, public transport is ensured by a network of water services which develop, in short, around four routes:
1) City Centre Routes;
2) GiraCittà Routes;
3) Lagoon Routes;
4) Seasonal Routes

What are the City Centre Routes? And which are they?
These routes cross the city, mainly along the Grand Canal from Tronchetto to Lido and back.
Route 2 also connects Tronchetto to Saint Mark's Square across the Giudecca Canal.
Routes 1, 2, N (NIGHT)

What are the GiraCittà Routes? And which are they?
These routes connect the city perimeter to Lido and Murano.
Routes 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 3, N (NIGHT).

What are the Lagoon Routes? And which are they?
These routes connect the outer lagoon islands.
In addition to connecting Venice with the other lagoon islands (Burano, Torcello, S. Erasmo, S. Servolo etc...) they also connect the mainland suburbs (Tessera/Airport, Treporti, Punta Sabbioni, Chioggia, Fusina).
Number 17 (ferry-boat) also carries motorvehicles from Tronchetto to Lido and back and number 11 connects Lido with Pellestrina Island and back.
Northern Lagoon Routes, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, N (NIGHT).

Can animals be carried on Actv boats/buses?
Yes, small (depending on the size of the boats/buses) and nonthreatening pets are admitted.
For safety purposes, dogs shall be on a leash and muzzled, while other pets (cats, hamsters etc.) shall be carried by hand inside proper cages.
Transport of dogs of any size and in general of small pets is free, as many as one per passenger.
Payment of the ticket is only due for cages exceeding the size of 120 cm as the sum of their three dimensions.

Is it possible to carry bicycles on Actv boats/buses?
In the Waterborne sector generally yes, but not on all boats, and in any case subject to the captain's decisions.
On ferry boats there may be some problems, especially in the winter months, while up to 10 bicycles can be carried on motor vessels.
On waterbuses and motorboats transport is more challenging and the decision is up to, as mentioned before, the captain who makes such decision based on the inflow of passengers and safety.
On buses, on the contrary, it is not possible to carry bicycles.


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