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Night service


In September 1996 Actv decided to start up a night service, operating from midnight until five in the morning, and coordinating the lines in the Mestre area on the mainland and on Venice Lido with the water buses passing through the centre of Venice. This was, indeed, not a sporadic bus or two to please the "Night Owls" but a proper, complete and organic service at par cost, with synchronised connections between water and land transport enabling the public to travel quickly at night throughout the area served by Actv.
This meant coordinating the times of the Mestre buses on the mainland with the water buses at the Piazzale Roma terminal, and these with the buses on Lido (interchange in Piazzale S. Maria Elisabetta, Venice Lido), going on to Pellestrina and Chioggia. The N1 and N2 Mestre and Marghera services were therefore planned, the N water bus service and the 11N Lido (Chioggia) line.
The logo for the night service started by replacing the letter "C" of "Actv" with a quarter moon and incorporating it with "N" in "night". After successful testing for two years, the new service (which is expected to have increasing numbers of users) was extended to the water bus shuttle from Fondamente Nove to Murano and vice versa, to services in the Northern Lagoon and to the buses on Lido.


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